This creation is the direct result of an almost obssessive quest on my part since I came across an automated jukebox, the likes of which I had not seen before or since or anywhere else in quite the same format. It had INSTANT appeal for me and, what's more. came with seemingly simple instructions on how to set one up for yourself, albeit in a simplified form. And that would have been sufficient for me, if only those instructions had worked. Unfortunately they were on a par with some of the diagrammatic ones you get with Filipino flatpack furniture. You know the ones, JUST about enough to make you squint intently and scratch your head for hours on end and get precisely nowhere. I have a theory, which has grown and grown on me, that the well-meaning author had a Freudian slip which compelled him to leave out a vital piece (or pieces) of information which turned a deceptively easy looking process into a nightmare scenario for anyone not completely drilled in the rarified subtleties of javascript and cascading whatsits. Or perhaps he was just teasing all of us who fell into the trap, to see if he could induce any of us to fall into the Black Pit of Despair while the rest moved on to other challenges, such as how to tie your own shoelaces backwards while suspeneded by one leg from a rope. It came to haunt me on and off over the months and I would return to it often to tinker with the instructions but always with the same blank results. I wanted to put this ACCURSED automated jukebox on my website. More than that, I needed to. Would no-one rid me of this meddlesome jukebox?
  My only consolation was that I had the most abysmal website anyone has ever seen. It was a positive embarrassement so what good would it do me to install an automated jukebox on something that was patently thrown together by a five-year-old. The turning point came when I stumbled across Meteotemplate and I have been grateful to Jachym in the Czech Republic ever since. It had the two basic attributes that we in the modern world crave above all others. It was simple to install and it WORKED. My relief knew no bounds as it provided instant visual appeal while also meeting the need I had to pass at least one thing over from my old website, which was somewhere to display my weather station readings and to join a small and growing community of like-minded individuals from all over the world. I will predict now that this software will become the standard that everyone aspires to in the furture. It has so many possible configuarations that it makes you want to do more and more. I began to think of it as a framework upon which I could arrange other ideas but without compromising its integrity in any way.
   It led me to buy a web-hosting service for the very first time (definitely a smart move) with 100Gb of space, enough to expand into other ideas. I immediately began to reconstruct some of my old web pages but I really wanted to do more. this led me back to thinking about the jukebox. Still no luck with the destructions so I started to get REALLY annoyed. I started looking at the source code behing the demo page and then I also watched a YouTube video on copying and using someone else's style sheet. The author of the video saw nothing wrong with this, quite the reverse. He saw it as a sort of compliment to the original stylist. That was enough for me. I started to experiment with code copying, looking at, accepting or rejecting the results in my own editor. It was not easy. Hours and days and weeks later I had pieced together enough to emulate the functions that had so impressed me in the first place. My conscience is somewhat assuaged by the numerous mini-brainwaves I had along the way which have given me a sense of personal acievement. The links below will all function at some point in the future but, for now, I am content to direct users to the one button below which will immediately launch the jukebox                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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There are currently 41 songs in the jukebox, all encoded in MP3 format. The music will begin streaming immediately, even if the song file is not fully loaded.Once the automated jukebox starts you can EITHER allow the jukebox to automatically advance and play through each song in sequence without any further intervention, OR you can select whichever songs appeal to your particular tastes. Being able to jump between songs was mastered by introducing an outsourced CSS. My first attempts resulted in a horrible "battle of the bands"clash between tracks but basic functionality now seems to be in place. Lyrics are included for each song and may, or may not, scroll to a certain extent. Swivels eyes insanely. If anyone out there can look at the source code and make suggestions I would gladly look at them with a view to improving this aspect. I suspect that there is a reasonable way to intervene and tailor the scrolling to track length but I am currently looking at this as only a minor irritation. The choice of musical is slightly whimsical on my part and I AM OPEN TO REQUESTS, subject to a thumbs-down from me if it makes me green at the gills. Definitely NO Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Apart from that, think of it as YOUR jukebox!! I have room for a 400+ songs

            WARNING !!! If the jukebox fails to function correctly in your usual browser then please do not give up. Try a different browser or empty your current browser cache as this might correct the problem

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