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The days of piratical torrenting are surely numbered by now. When Bram Cohen first conceived the idea of file-sharing through harnessingmultiple bandwidths he must surely have known in which direction it was
to go. Long an opponent of DRM  in all forms of media he ut a deal with the Motion Picture Association of America in 2005 to remove all illegal content from his own Bit Torrent protocol but by then all forms of
torrenting were swamping the WWW. Since then it has been one long firefight on the part of distributors to suppress piracy from any number of trackers. They are now fairly close to winning the war but there is
still a great future for the original idea. The links above represent some of the best of the new wave of legal torrent sites. There will surely be many more to follow. Meanwhile, I will be trying to share some of my
own files through this page in the form of direct downloads. It will have to be highly selective because of storage capacity and it will necessarily reflect my own personal preferences. The blue column on the left
 gives access to all the Pimsleur Shakespeare recordings. Each play is zipped and ready for download. If you find that process to be too lengthy(most files ARE quite large)then you can contact me at the above
and negotiate a deal on me preparing and despatching CDs with these high quality presentations of the Bard's work to your home address. Fees will be modest as I will be only too pleased to do this for our
mutual benefit.The middle column in white will be dedicated to audiobooks that I have converted to mp3 Lame format divided up into chapters. I will only put the first chapter of each book as a sampler. If you like
what you hear, both in terms of content and quality, then please express an interest for the rest of the book. AGAIN, I will not be placing these extra chapters up on the website initially but can easily do a temporary
arrangement as a zip file so that you can download for free. For further information, the column to the right of middle gives direct access to the mp3 chapter sample plus cover artwork.

        Alls Well That Ends Well          Antony and Cleopatra
            As You Like It                 Coriolanus
               Cymbeline                   Hamlet
            Henry IV Part 1             Henry IV Part 2
                 Henry V             Henry VI Part 1
             Henry VI Part 2             Henry VI Part 3
                 Henry VIII               Julius Caesar
                 King John                King Lear
            Love's Labor's Lost                MacBeth
            Measure for Measure       Midsummer Nights Dream
         Much Ado About Nothing                  Othello 
                  Pericles                Richard II
                 Richard III            Romeo and Juliet
           The Comedy of Errors          The Merchant of Venice
        The Merry Wives of Windsor         The Taming of the Shrew  
               The Tempest       The Two Gentlemen of Verona
           The Two Noble Kinsmen             The Winters Tale
             Timon of Athens             Titus Andronicus 
            Troilus and Cressida               Twelfth Night
                   Scars of Independence. America's Violent Birth (unabridged)
            Landscape Turned Red The Battle of Antietam (Unabridged) - 01.rar
                                   Collision of Empires.rar
         The Battle of the Atlantic How the Allies Won the War (Unabridged) - 01.rar
         Case Red The Collapse of France (Unabridged) - 01.rar

            Scars of Independence mp3      Scars of Independence jpg
           Landscape Turned Red  01.mp3     Landscape Turned Red.jpg
             Collision of Empires.02.mp3         Collision.jpg
  The Battle of the Atlantic How the Allies Won the War - 01.mp3      atlantic.jpg                                                       
  Case Red The Collapse of France (Unabridged) - 01.mp3           case red.jpg